Feline Feral's Fiction Site

Hello and welcome to Ab Intra. Ab Intra is latin for from within. It's my choice of website name because I'm hosting my fanfiction here and I believe writing comes from within.

A little about me:
Name: Rosalie
Penname: Feline Feral (placement of _ and - varies)
Age: 22
Career: Library and Information Technician
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Graphics
Addictions: To my computer, books and DVDs

This site is hopefully the final version of many, many different versons I've created to hold my fics. I'm constantly changing things around and am never happy with how they look. Not really much else to say. I like to talk so if you want to chat I'm just about always here.

I hope you enjoy my fanfics. All comments are appreciated.

The Nervous Writer,

On a side note I'm taking the chance to promote a livejournal community that I've recently joined. Crimeland is a Criminal Minds community good fun and great people. It's a team based community that provides multimedia challenges. Join the fun and gather points for your team; could be Reid, JJ, Morgan or Garcia.